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Savannahs R Us?

Anatole Cannon

Crazy Cat Man
Does anyone know anything about Savannahs R Us in Victoria, BC? How long have they been around for? I just noticed them post a photo on their facebook wall with their banner from a pet expo they went to, and it has my exact catchphrase I use for my cattery on it, word for word "Exotic Looks, Unique Personality". I just wanted to see what was known about this breeder before I confronted them.

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Staff member
I've heard of them before but don't really know much about them. Having said that, unless you've trademarked the phrase, you have no legal recourse to make them stop using it.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I've seen them on FB, one of those breeders that doesn't use their name which I find hard to remember and the cattery name is so similar to Gary Fulgham's website Savannah Cats R Us which is additionally confusing...

They seem to be doing a lot of promotion there in Canada... hope they are good folk!


Staff member
Looks like they did a play on one of gary's domains and on your phrase...but...ask Wildstreak Teresa about them...she may know...they seem to be decent and trying to promote the breed, but I don't know much about them! Their booth looked great at the pet expo...

Anatole Cannon

Crazy Cat Man
I messaged them through facebook. They said they had no idea we had the same catchphrase, so here's hoping we can work something out.