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Save Our Savannahs Needs Your Pics! Please?

Trish Allearz

Hi Everyone!

For those who weren't here-- SoS is a photo essay website that was created back when we were fighting to keep Savannahs off the ban list in Ohio and we relaunched it earlier this year due to the legislation issues being seen in California as well as Florida. The whole point of the website is to portray Savannahs as they really are-- sweet, funny, loving family members and we believe at SoS that a picture is worth a thousand words and videos are worth even more ;)

We need YOUR pictures! If you have pictures to submit, you can post them to this thread or email them to me at If you post them-- please post the generation of your kitty (even if I should know it-- post it-- my brain fries easily). If you email pics-- please let us know the generation of said kitties.

These are the pics we need-- we are very specific about what we post:

1. Savannahs interacting with their people.
2. Savannahs out in public.
3. Savannahs in the show hall.
4. Savannahs with seniors!
5. Savannahs with children!
6. Savannahs with other types of pets (so Savannah and Ragdolls, Maine Coons, DSH, your pug, your Doodle, your Bengals)

While we love adorable kitten pics of your babies all by themselves, those adorable pics don't tend to show the world our cats' personalities-- that's what we are aiming for at SoS!

And if you haven't seen Save Our Savannahs lately, you can view it at:

It updates daily so check back often!

PS-- if you've sent in pics, please don't send DUPLICATES of older pics. Chances are, they are either in our queue to be posted or they already were. Since I've posted a few hundred pics by now, I can't be counted on to catch if the same photos have been submitted so please help me out and don't send the same photo twice! This is just an excuse to take MORE photos of your babies ;)

Trish Allearz

There's quite a few pics up now, Paige, I don't remember that specific one. I know we have others from you up though.

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This is Sasha when he just got him home. He's F5SBT and was around 3 months at that time.


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Savannah Super Cat

A few of Zubi, my F3c.



Savannah Super Cat
The first picture is of my F2 male named Ari with my Siamese and the next three pictures are my F2 male named Ezzy. The last Picture is of Ezzy when he was like 4 months old. I have a lot more pics that are newer but I need to put them on my computer. I will see what I have in the next day or two.