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Savnnah proof fence?



So I have been seeing these videos for this new cat proof fence thingy that sort of just rolls when the cat touches it keeping them form being able to get a good foothold on the top of it. Has anyone used something like this before? my boy loves to be outside but I worry about him free roaming the neighborhood. we have what i think is an 8ft privacy fence around the back yard that he has climbed over before but he doesnt just jump over it he actually climbs it in two strides pretty much.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I don't know anyone with that type of cat proofed fence, but I know someone with F1s to F7s that has had the fencing for over 10 years with absolute success. The only customization she needed to do was add metal mesh at the bottom of the fence to stop outside critters chewing through the mesh...


Staff member
That looks amazingly simple and smart - shocking that no one has come up with this system before! I wonder if it can be installed on a block fence....