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SBT Litter announcement!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I am so very proud and excited to announce my very first SBT litter: Fusionkatz Gai Paree (Paris) and Spidersweb Simboya are the proud parents of 2 beautiful BST babies! This is the first litter for both. I believe the cool BST is a girl, and the dark gold BST is a boy. Mom and babies are doing well. Dad has no clue ;)


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Savannah Super Cat
Aww, so beautiful! Congrats Pam, Gai Paree & Simboya! Mom looks very happy and relaxed. Good for milk production. :)


those kittens look big and healthy and so cute! mama looks happy too, love her rolling around in the second and third pic, she looks so in love with her babies and the camera :p