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Scam involving our stolen business card!

Wild Tafari

Savannah Super Cat
I had a customer contact us thinking WE were scam o_O :confused: because they found advertising online for Savannahs in Boston with our website/business card that was stolen from us! People never cease to amaze me...
We do offer references to validate that we, along with our kittens, are in fact real! :up:

Another couple of people contacted us telling us they found F1's and F2's for $800-$1,500, and when they were advised by us that this was a complete scam, they still kept talking about it like they were going to follow through with purchasing their "Great Deal" F1 Savannah for $800. I have no sympathy for people that do not do their research, and when warned, still do not heed the warning...

Unfortunately, most people do not do the research on pricing or see these threads about the scams before falling for them...


One of my friends was dooped.. He bought an F1 for $1500.. I told him it was too good to be true and it had to be a scam... I looked at his kitten.. it was a Bengal, not even close to a F1 Bengal.