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Scam or just incompetent backyard breeder??


Savannah Kitten
Hi - I'm new here and don't really know much about Savannahs. I'm curious if anyone has seen this kind of thing before. I noticed an ad on craigslist for "Registered Bengal Kittens" - TICA registered. The attached photo didn't look like any domestic cats I'd ever seen. Did some more research and discovered that these looked like African Servals! So beyond not being Bengals at all - do you think these are even Savannahs, or are they pure Servals?

The ad is here:

I'll also include the photo in case the link no longer works. (I hope that's not against the rules!)



Savannah Super Cat
I come across those all the time, it's quite amusing how Scammers don't do their research, although that's not a bad thing. It helps us pick them out easier. Those are def. servals.

I was talking to someone who got a "savannah" off Craigslist. An f3 for $300, the kitten really just looks like a DSH . It's amazing how there are so many scammers out there :(


Savannah Super Cat
Um, yeah, those are not Bengals and look very much like servals. I flagged the post. Also sent an email pretending I was interested to see what kind of reply I'd get. :p


Savannah Super Cat
Whoah, does this say scammer or what?!

Thanks for the contact in regards to my kittens, My kittens are both a male and female with names Liya and Lino .These kittens are both registered ,good with kids and other home pets. Am 45 year old lady suffering from cancer and these kittens where my only source of strength .So as much as I love them , I want them to be happy, that’s why I am searching for a home that will be able to take very good care of these babies for me because am feeling week now and don’t have the strength to take good care of these babies anymore .Am currently in New Orleans,Louisiana with my kittens. I came to New Orleans,Louisiana for my treatment so I will be seeing my doctor in 1week’s time so I need a home for these babies so I can concentrate on my treatment .To ensure my kittens goes into a loving and caring home ,get back to me with the answers to these few questions.
Are you a pet lover?
Have you hard kittens before?
Will you breed them if I let you have them?
Are you a smoker?
Are you a Christian?
Do you have contact phone number?
Will you update me with currently information and pictures of the kittens?
Your new kittens will be coming along with lots of great pet accessories like.....
* Their blanket ..
* Kitten care kit ..
* Food Menu Card ..
* All medical paperwork ..
* Bag of food they eat ..
* A feeding bowl ..
* Favorite Play toys ..
* And whatever other goodies I can find !
Below are some pictures of these babies ,Hope you will love them.waiting to read from you soonest.
Thanks and May God Bless You.


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Savannah Super Cat
Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the prompt responds,Am very happy to know that you are a pet lover,which gives me the guarantee that if i let you have my babies,they will be loved and taken very good care of. I want you to understand that these kittens are just like kids to me so i cannot exchange them for money .I will let you have them ,but you will be covering their transport fair to your location . I already made some inquiries and it shows to ship just one of them will cost you $90 and $180 for both of them .Note that you will be making the payment for this flight fee directly to the delivery agency and not me .If all this is okay by you then let me know so we can start processing everything and also please let me know how soon you want the babies home with you .Thanks and waiting to read from you soonest.

3:20 PM (0 minutes ago)

to courtney

What agency is that through? That is awfully cheap. It was nearly $200 when we had our Savannah shipped.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Oh, just tell her the have never "hard" kittens before and really don't like them much, will let them mate wantonly with the neighborhood toms, are a chain smoking atheist, use a phonebooth to make calls and don't own a camera or computer.:p


Savannah Super Cat
I wish that I lived closer to New Orleans. This scammer would probably have a heart attack if someone said that they would pick them up rather than ship them. Sue


I love people and their "sly" ways to scam people. My favorite is horrible photo shop pics. I run with it and have some fun. :p:roflmao: Good catch..


Savannah Kitten
Lol Ashley! I did the same thing - email the ad! And I got the same response. (I had emailed a bunch of questions, but "she" didn't answer any of them.)

What I loved were the photos - clearly not the same animals as in the original ad. One of the kittens - supposedly the female - looked like a Bengal complete with leopard-like rosettes. The male looked like a spotted kitten - Bengal? Savannah? - but clearly a domestic cat kitten, not at all the Serval face from the original photo.

I think I'm going to email back and express disappointment that the new photos don't look like the original one. And maybe also state that I'm Jewish since she asks if I'm a Christian. :)

I'm actually a little relieved that it's just a scammer and not an epically incompetent backyard breeder!