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I have had my F6 Savannah cat for four or five years now. She really only likes to be petted for maybe 10-20min occasionally and only when she wants. She will let me and others pick her up but she wants down almost immediately. She is skiddish about everything. She likes to watch birds in the window but if one gets too close she will run and hide. I have had here from like 2wks old. All shots. She has never been hurt. Never been sick.
You can tell attack mode/playtime from her pupils. Her eyes will get wide when she’s playing.
Yesterday I got home from only being gone for 2hrs. She was acting super afraid of something. Kept a close eye, afraid she might be sick. She is very talkative but wasn’t making a peep. Tiptoeing everywhere. Pupils were big. It was like there was a ghost or something in the back room. Totally disinterested in toys or treats. Whatever she was scared of was totally consuming her mind.
She wasn’t frantically grooming herself anywhere . She didn’t go outside the litter box anywhere or abnormally scratch anything. She doesn’t really tear up things scratching them. She would stretch and lay down but wouldn’t eat the treats, play, or let anyone pet her.
The next morning she is back to normal. Talkative. Head butting, right on top of treats.

Im wondering what happened? Giant bird sneak up to the window? Fall off of a high place? Stung by a wasp? We get a wasp now and again but haven’t seen one in a while and I looked for one that may have stung her, didn’t see any. She has never been stung as far as I know.


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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Impossible to really know I guess... as you have said that she is on the skittish side, then any number of things might have freaked her out. Maybe some unexpected loud noise?


Site Supporter
Sounds a difficult thing to pinpoint the cause, as sean has suggested, a pheromone plug in such as FELIWAY might be worth a try, I've had great success with this particular one.


Staff member
I agree with Brigitte, it could have been anything, but the important point is that she was back to her usual self by the next day.