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Scratch obsession


Savannah Super Cat
Hi everyone,

Abbas F4 have an obsession since 2-3 months, he scratch around the meat bowl and litter box. He do it avery Time he eat or go to pee.

I have 2 litterbox, one hé only used and it the same thing.

Hé dont scratch the other thing in the housse.



Reincarnated cat Moderator
When cats finish eating, they attempt to cover up their food so other predators do not find it and take it. It is a left over behavior from the wild.

When they use the litter box, they also cover it so their scent is hidden. Often they scratch at the walls or the floor and do not actually scratch the litter. But the reason is because they are covering their pee or poop.


Staff member
As Cary has pointed out, this is very common behavior for cats (NOT just Savannahs) and nothing to worry about.


Savannah Super Cat
Ok then i will to cover wall and floor...because he scratch live 10-15 min each Time