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Scratch Pad



Louie is not much of a scratcher, and luckily, has done no real damage to anything due to scratching. On occasion, he will stand up and scratch the back of one of my upholstered chairs, or will scratch one of my carpets and bunch it up. Of course, he will occasionally use ME as a scratching post, and if he gets REALLY excited, will use me as a tree.:big grin:

In any case, I'm reluctant to get him a scratching pad, and then go through all the trouble of training him to use it. I fear that this will FURTHER ENCOURAGE scratching behavior, and wake up a sleeping monster.

By the way, what, exactly is cat scratching. Whenever Lou "scratches" it's more like kneading. He never makes strokes with his forepaws. Describe the action involved in cat scratching.

From my understanding and watching, cat's claws do not grow like our fingernails. Instead, they tend to grow by layer, and shed the outer layer of old claw, kind of like a snake would do it's skin. Having a scratching pad or post, helps them remove the outer layer of claw to keep them from splintering and also stretches the muscles in their claws. It is a healthy grooming habit that cats tend to do and I've never had to train any of mine to use a scratching pad or post. They use it by instinct and it does not typically create more or less scratching anywhere else, as it is more of a grooming type action instead of a playing type action.

I think Louie would love a scratching pad or post! Give it a shot :D


He already kneads my wall-to-wall carpet as well as my small rugs to shed his claw husks, which I find all over the place.

I have an old toy that has been in the same place since he's 5 months old, which consists of a ball on a circle track surrounding a horizontal corrugated cardboard scratching pad of about 12" diameter. I have filled the cardboard with catnip, per instructions but he has never used it.

How would introducing another horizontal scratch pad (with catnip) change anything?
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Sometimes it takes a few different options for them to suddenly realize they are in love with one. We have one of the same ones that you are talking about and one use it, the other two don't. The other two love the vertical ones. They do have ones that hang off the door knobs as well, though haven't had luck with those with my crew. I have found the catnip never actually encourages the use of the horizontal ones and rather just makes a mess. If you are finding that Louie is preferring your vertical couches and chairs, you may have more luck with a post.

Also, if you do find one he likes, you actually may see a decrease in furniture scratching.

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
I make sloped scratching pads by combining angle brackets with the largest scratch pad refills. All three cats love them, although Ziggy (my male F2) has taken to biting off large chunks off the corners. I may have to add a frame...

Ziggy had a vertical post wrapped in rope he loved to death at his last home. They bought a new one just before I adopted him, but he has barely touched it at my house.

I've also made 8' by 9" by 2" thick scratchpad planks and are setting them up as walkways/scratching areas here and there.

Options are good.


Staff member
If Louie likes scratching on your carpets you should consider getting a scratch pad that is made of carpet or sisal. My cats have never been too interested in scratching on the cardboard ones, although like Chris they will try to chew on them.


Site Supporter
Both of my cats are downright weird. Jammu lies down next to the horizontal pad and scratch the sides. Rafiki scratches the top like a normal cat but chews and spits out the sides. Between these two little kitty freaks, we have to replace the scratchpad quite often - but it is because they no longer have sides rather than because the top is worn down! :rolleyes:

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
If Louie likes scratching on your carpets you should consider getting a scratch pad that is made of carpet or sisal. My cats have never been too interested in scratching on the cardboard ones, although like Chris they will try to chew on them.
Hey! I don't chew on them! Honest! It was Ziggy!


Site Supporter
I took 1" x 6" board and wrapped in 1/2" diameter nylon rope. Holds up well and they prefer it over our furniture. A few screws attaches to the wall or simply set it on the ground.