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Screaming while I shower


Savannah Super Cat
So he has always done this but recently it has gotten really bad just curious as to why he behaves this way when I go in to the shower. I close the door and he is crying to come in so I let him come in. I hop in the shower and all hell breaks loose. He is screaming bloody murder he usually goes in between the curtain to see me, but this morning I could not get him to stop I kept talking to him and he was watching me and he was just not stopping poor guy. So I ended up taking a super fast shower before he woke everyone up !

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Site Supporter
Just be glad he doesn't want to get in with you. When Loki cries it's because he wants in. His desire to chase things that swing and bounce is not something I'm willing to tempt.


Staff member
Interesting, so does his crying sound like he is under stress or duress, or is he just communicating with you? I'm not sure how to correct it except to see if he will be quieter if left out of the room. Maybe try feeding him a treat or something in another room to distract him while you shower?