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Securing the dog run

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Or at least starting the process. Didn't take long for the Dolos, who's now 4 mths, long to figure out the dog door.

Metal gates at front and back are being backed with a nice wire mesh and 12 ft chain link are getting those angled thins added. Still not sure how to secure the overlap of the chain link that runs along the brick wall and about about 4 feet past the metal gates. Was thinking bird spikes for the top of gates (they are just ugly!) or getting heavy metal strips and bending them, then securing to inside top of gates at 45 degree angle and covering with mesh. This would be so much easier if the tops were all one level.

It's amazing how small a space a kitten can get through! Did I mention she jumps straight up about 5 ft. already and climbs everything also? lol


Staff member
Laura, that is amazing! They can squeeze through the smallest spaces - that I know. will let others help with the securing aspect.


Staff member
Yes, it can be very frustrating - I have one kitten here who somehow manages to squeeze through the hall gate. He keeps growing but somehow he can still manage to squeeze through, sigh...