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Security blanket?


Site Supporter
security blanket kittie.jpg

I have been away on business for the week. On Wednesday, the hubby discovered this.

This is a queen sized blanket. It was nicely folded in the downstairs guest bedroom on top of a laundry hamper and under 2 pillows. Rafiki threw the pillows to the floor, dragged the blanket down the hallway and was hauling it up a flight of stairs when the hubby caught her. I only wish he had managed to get a photo of her actually trying to pull it up the stairs but by the time he got the camera, she had the innocent face on.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Oddly enough, my Savannahs are not the draggers-around of things. It's my DSH girl. Her list: socks, bras, plastic a result, I have a pile of socks missing their mates. Darned if I can find that sock stash....

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
I've been giving antibiotics to Jax for Bartonellas, and usually I'll squirt some water in his mouth with a syringe after. I used to wash it and leave it on the counter, but, everytime, Oni steals the cylinder part and hides it.

And that's the only thing I know of that she steals.


Site Supporter
When Rafiki was about 6 months old, she dragged a pillow all the way up the staircase from the same bedroom. I wonder if I have a theme going on.....? o_O