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Sending the kitten overseas (to Russia).


Staff member
Nada, welcome to the forum, I hope you will be able to find the perfect Savannah to import! I think I've posted this somewhere else on the furm but will post again the guidelines I have given others who have considered exporting from the US:

Savannahs require CITES through the fourth generation to export out of the country. The Serval is an Appendix II species: see pg 6 – any felidae species not Appendix I is Appendix II, this includes leptailurus Serval.

Then you must read Animal Hybrids: Amendment of Resolution Conf 10.17: read specifically point #3 on the first page:
3. The need for a harmonized understanding of the term was discussed by the Animals Committee at its 14th meeting (Caracas, May 1998). It was noted that, at the time of the discussion of this subject at the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties, when the resolution was adopted, a statement was made by one delegation that the “recent lineage” of a hybrid animal should be understood to mean the previous four generations of its lineage. There was no objection to this atthe time. The Animals Committee agreed that this interpretation provided a good guideline for theParties. and then page 3 point b: b) hybrid animals that have in their recent lineage one or more specimens of species included in Appendix I or II shall be subject to the provisions of the Convention just as if they were full species, even if the hybrid concerned is not specifically included in the appendices;

· CITES permit application:
· In addition, you will also need the following:
· US Fish and Wildlife Import/Export License:
· International Health Certificate:
· Inspection by a US Fish and Wildlife officer prior to exiting the country. You need to make the appointment through eDecs:
· Official five generation pedigree from TICA or other cat registry
· Sales invoice/receipt from the breeder

You must use a Designated Port to ship through, or else you will also need to obtain a Port Exception Permit. But before you do that make sure whichever office you decide to work through is willing to do the inspection.
Designated Ports:
Port Exception Permit:


Savannah Super Cat
The reason you can not tell them apart from bengals is because most of these breeders are buying cats from lines that look like bengals! :( It is depressing I saw a website just the other day in Europe all the males and females had rosettes and square heads. BLAH. Sure we get cats that are not perfect some times but those were so very bad.

I am shipping a kitten internationally right now. Its is expensive as every one has detailed. Unfortunately there has to be some incentive to ship a valuable cat that with hopes is valuable enough it should be a breeder!

What generation are you looking to get? If you wanting an F1 well the prices you quoted plus shipping are correct.
I don't blame you!
and you can get two cats that will be ready to breed at the same time.
I think, I should leave the Savannah breeding to the experts :))
I don't have enough experiense to breed these cats, but I do understand, how hard is it to do, so I think that the breeding is not for me.

but will post again the guidelines I have given others who have considered exporting from the US
Thank you, Patti, for the very useful links! As I can understand now, it costs about 1500 USD and above to send the kitten here.

I don't blame you!
I guess you need to decide which generation you plan to breed and can afford before asking around too much.
What generation are you looking to get? If you wanting an F1 well the prices you quoted plus shipping are correct.
These are very good questions. When I started looking at this breed, I planned to get an F3-F5 kitten (F3 is preferred from what I've read about them) for 1500 - 2000 USD. Papers and shipping included. Such a naive girl! :))

Now, when I've read much more both about the cats and the shipping, I really don't know whether I can afford one. Maybe, I should look at adult / retired cats. In the same time, I'll continue searching for Russian / CIS breedes. Will post here if any results.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I don't agree with Michelle that most of the European breeders are buying cats that look like Bengals. For example, I think Kiwanga Savannahs in Germany produces some of the very best of Savannahs! And SavannahNorway is producing some lovely specimens too... I think Cannelle Savannahs and ABC Savannahs have some nice cats too.

I think wherever you are there are good and bad breeders... and definitely if you are spending that sort of money you need to do your due diligence in making sure you are getting a good Savannah! It's easy to get over-excited about our breed and rush in and make a purchase of a tiny kitten where all you can see is that the spot pattern is good... and then be disappointed when it grows up not as cool-looking as you'd expected. Take your time (while you save your dollars/Euros/Rubles) and the right kitten/cat will happen :)


Staff member
I missed Michelle's answer and I agree with Brigitte. Also, Per in Norway of Arctic Savannahs is producing some very nice savannahs.


Savannah Super Cat
You did not read my post as I intended it. I meant the ones she was referring too that had cats that looked like bengals. Most of "them" meaning the ones she referred too. Miscommunication.

I'm getting a boy from Norway so I would not mean to say that about all the breeders.


Savannah Super Cat
Sadly, I found a lot of bengal looking savannahs in Quebec.
I don't understand why they use them as breeders ?? More recent catteries have better looking cats since the past 2 years, I see a big change...