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Serval and a Carcal

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
My job does have some priks. I got to work on a house this weekend That had a Serval and a little Caracal ha! not so little only 20 pounds at age 6 months I was trying to get one about a year and a half ago but deal did not happen. The Serval was chased into a room and was trefied hiding in a corner I happened to have in my pocket a little bag of cat nip that Tiger had put in my pocket the night before. I was able to get the Serval out of the room and back were she belonged while the assistant was hideing outside the room and telling me she was mean. I finally met the owner and he was very suppised that I could get that close to her in a short time. Then he showed me the Caracal he was beautiful but he was to busy in the corner with his toy. I did get some shots but my phone was low on battery power. The owner really liked my pics of my cats and loved the energy that I had and wants me to come back and help him with his monky and his cats because they seemed to take a shine to me. He said that was rare to have somebody right off the street come in and all his animals took a liking to me I even got to go into the Timberline Wolfs cage. I said I would be happy to help out.


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SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Wow Kurt. Way cool! On the other hand, the house owner got a bonus. Very few people would not have freaked out seeing those two wild species inside a house and running around. And to top it of, they were already experienced with high energy cats.
(oh, and good idea to change prils to perks!:roflmao:)


Savannah Super Cat
Really really cool. I googled Caracal because I wanted to know more about them, and apparently people hunt them? What the hell? Why would people hunt these guys?


Savannah Super Cat
I don't understand the need to hunt things you aren't going to eat or utilize for something other than decoration. I read a thread about hunting caracal on a forum, and one person said he had lost his desire to hunt one after friends at a campfire domesticated one.

"My desire to hunt one sort of ebbed after meeting the camp caracal at Omaruru. She had the run of the place and loved nothing better than to curl up next to a guest for a noon siesta. She had been found as a kitten and raised by hand by a bottle. A truly elegant animal."

Green eyed kitty

Mystique the dog/cat;Seraphimah spunky kitty
That is a cool experience! I recently had the pleasure of meeting four Serval pets and others for breeding. They were very friendly cats, considering their wild nature. Again, I have been around cats my whole life also. They came right up to me and played, sat on my lap and even tried to take my cell phone. But I have heard Servals dont make good pets. I would never put a small child near one either. (My opinion)

It is interesting these cats came right up to you Kurt. Hopefully you can help them with their Serval and Caracal. I have never seen a caracal up close and personal, but hope to one day. People hunt these types of cats regularly. It does seem sad they would harm them.