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Sexual harassment kitty


Site Supporter
Rafiki (7 month old female F3) likes to sexually harass my poor husband.

She comes outta nowhere, jumps up and slaps both front paws on his behind and runs off. Her claws are retracted but you definitely feel the slap. It is much worse when my poor hubby happens to be facing the other way! I keep wondering what will happen when she gets older - will she slap him harder or higher?

She also likes to jump up onto the shower enclosure (1" wide) and stare at him when he showers. Occasionally she will bat at the water but mostly she just stares at him. She does not do this to me, only him!

Anyone else have similar experiiences?


Savannah Child
Yes; I can either wear pyjamas, keep the duvet very firmly over me, or have Tigger (F3) in the room. Either he thinks it's a cat toy (yes, I know, everything is a cat toy .. ), or he still remembers that visit to the vet and is trying to return the favour ..

Mine both think taking showers is wierd and kinda scary though.


Site Supporter
She's probably fascinated by the lack of feathers on the end of his wand:Geeky:
Oh hubby was crying, he was laughing so hard by your remark! Considering what she does to "Da Bird", he is most thankful for the lack of feathers at the end of his wand!!!!!