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Shampoos? For those with lighter SVs..


Savannah Super Cat
Hi all! I haven't posted in a while but for those of you who remember my Kovu he is doing great! :)
He is a silver, though, and I'm looking for a good shampoo to brighten up some "dirty" looking spots in his coat. He loves rolling in the dirt when we take him out o_O I've tried a couple different cat shampoos (even tried Dawn) and nothing really seems to get the yellow/brown spots off. I'm thinking I may need a whitening shampoo but I don't want it to diminish the appearance of his black spots..?
Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I have a blue and white British Shorthair that I have some idea of what you are worrying about. No, you shouldn't use anything with a bleaching agent in it...but most pet shampoos won't. What is usually termed a whitening formula in pet shampoos really contains a blue-ing agent so it makes the more yellowing white look brighter white by increasing the blue tone. This is one I use in his pre-show regime:

Trish Allearz

Um, I used a bluing shampoo on Arachne for this past show- I think- I know I used it on SugarCookie (Elf- so DSH with curly ears basically). But honestly, if I wasn't showing- I wouldn't be bathing unless necessary.