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My baby boy isn't my baby anymore... Shango turned 1 year old today. Happy Birthday Shango!:paw: Here are some of his growing up pictures :love: He doesn't know it yet since it won't arrive until January/February, but as his 1st birthday/Christmas present I ordered him a fantasy forest cat tree. I Love 2my spoiled fur kid!

approx 1 week old
1 week.jpg
3 weeks
3 weeks.jpg
5 weeks
5 weeks.jpg
8 weeks
8 weeks.jpg 8 weeks2.jpg
10 weeks (he arrived to his new home)
10 weeks.jpg
16 weeks
16 weeks.jpg
19 weeks
19 weeks.jpg
22 weeks
22 weeks.jpg
25 weeks
25 weeks.jpg
31 weeks
31 weeks.jpg
33 weeks
33 weeks.jpg
35 weeks
35 weeks.jpg
37 weeks
37 weeks.jpg
42 weeks
42 weeks.jpg
45 weeks
45 weeks.jpg
49 weeks
49 weeks.jpg
52 weeks/1 year old
52 weeks.jpg 52 weeks2.jpg 52 weeks3.jpg


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He's definitely matured and is getting better with age. I think after about the 1st 6 months, things start getting easier. There were definitely times when I 1st got him when I kept thinking what did I get myself into lol! I'm glad I did lots of research and opted for a high percent F2 instead of a Serval like I was originally thinking about.


Savannah Super Cat
i love that picture at 35 weeks was that a one time thing or is that his usual way to lay down? it looks like he is getting ready for sit ups


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Lol! That's one of his many sun bathing poses. In the winter time, he only lays like that for a quick belly rub. In the summer time with the sun shining in through the window, he will lay on the floor and do what appears to be a very, very, very slow motion roll over going from his side to his belly back to his side. He's gotta get an even tan :ROFLMAO: