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Sharing Jack Frost...


Savannah Super Cat
My silver F3 boy just went to his new home in Alabama. He is such a looker and has a great nose. I miss him.

oops, I posted before I was done loading pics!


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Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Gosh, Kelly....Jack Frost is beautiful! I'd miss him too; I hope his new home keeps you updated with pics :)


Staff member
Wow. Don't you wish you could bottle genes when you get a stunner like that. I would miss him too. I hope his family sends you lots of updates and pics.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks! Me too. I don't get many from mom either. She has issues with feeding them so I have to have a serogate mom on hand everytime. She is such a good sport and this litter was so nice that I keep waffling on retiring her. I am sad that she can't raise her own litters which I know she really wants to do.:(