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She calls herself a rescue?!



Ok so I was browsing around bored on Facebook and stumbled upon a rescue not too far from me with savannah kittens. I was like oh how interesting!! I wonder how much they are asking for them? They were on display at Petsmart apparently.
Lady gets back to me and says $1000 a piece. Did I mention they are F5's and 6's?? My jaw dropped, I was like seriously?!! I know breeders who sell for less than that!! Then she gave me some song and dance about how one of them cost her $5000 so now she is pricing them high.
Now I have seen that she has gotten quite a few Savannahs over the years and has been reselling them..... Smells rotten to me!!! She is a not for profit organization...
She tried to threaten to sue me for slander! I said you aren't intimidating me, I work for an entire team of lawyers :)
I'm sorry but this lady is getting under my skin....
Here is a link to the picture of her latest Savannahs, anyone ever hear of her or her rescue? Am I totally off base here?? If so, I stand corrected....

Trish Allearz

That seems to be what is happening there...
Flipping kittens? A lot of so-called dog rescues will have a ton of purebred older puppies/dogs and that's what they are doing- they take the breeders' surplus stock (obviously crappy breeders), slap the term 'rescue' on it and sell the dogs. I think the breeders get a kick back- but even if they don't- heck, they just opened up their kennels to breed more puppies.

It infuriates me. It gives breeding a bad name, it gives rescues a bad name...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I agree. I know that some people think taking a breeder's unwanted cats or kittens is "rescue" but in reality it is perpetuating that breeder's career. Those "rescues" are helping the breeder continue their bad practices...sigh...