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Show Brag ;)

Trish Allearz

Yeah, I'm going to brag a bit- but mind you, I've been showing my Selkirk Rex for the past year or so moreso then Savannahs (didn't have anyone to show!)...

So we brought Sansa, F6 SBT, and Hattie, our gorgeous Mel girl...

Sansa was Best of Breed for every ring she was in and then was called back for a final- 2nd out of 42 kittens present :) THEN- even more of a happy dance!- Sansa went home with a Savannah home that I've known for a long time... The new Mommy wanted a show alter to bring to cat shows, so Sansa will be back out in the rings shortly :)

Then Hattie kicked butt on Sunday :) The judges gushed over her coat- it really is something amazing. If you haven't seen a mel in person, you really should. Hattie was in three out of five finals- BEST KITTEN out of 25 Shorthairs, and then 6th and 10th :)

And yeah, I'm bragging all over the place! These were MY first Savannahs being shown since we went into the CH ring and one I bred (*claps hands*) and one will be a Queen here (*claps happily again*).

Very exciting times around AllEarz!


Staff member
Awesome Trish! Congrats to you, Sansa and hattie! I am so happy to hear this!! I hope I can brag in a couple of months ;)


Staff member
Sounds like awesome cats and an awesome weekend! Can't wait until I have my own show kitten.... one of these days... ;-)