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Silly cat won't eat chicken


Site Supporter
For some reason Bella will not eat any raw chicken now. She will give it a lick or two
then walk away. I even tried some hearts and no go Mokkun ended up doing his cleanup
and Tetsu took a few sniffs and walked away from the hearts. Both the boys will eat
breast meat no problem. Bella only wants Beef and I really don't want to over do it
with the beef. I even put the chicken on the beef and she removes the chicken and eats
the beef. I am up for any ideas on what to try.

The Cat Posse.jpg


Staff member
Sometimes cats' taste change for whatever reason. I've had a couple turn their noses up to raw after eating it for months. Is there a reason why you feel it necessary that she eat chicken?


Site Supporter
Well sort of. I have so much. On the upside it people chicken so I can eat it.
It going to be a lot of chicken for the next month or so.
I also tried to sneak it in on her by chopping it up and mixing in the beef.
The brat picked the beef out just like a little kid and left the chicken.
I did try to cook some just a bit and she turned up her nose at that too.
She still comes running and will even put up a hiss fit for the de-hydrated chicken
dog treats. :dog:

Sean :)


Savannah Super Cat
Where do you get rabbit? What type of place would possibly
have it local to me ?

Sean, we have a little pet boutique place called Posh Paw that special orders Primal Raw Rabbit for me. I would think most holistic pet stores would carry some kind of raw rabbit.. our local Pet Co. used to, but they stopped because it just wasn't selling. -_-


Savannah Super Cat
i had coco on chicken for a few months, then made the mistake of giving her some cooked roast chicken last month, which she LOVED!!!!! However after that she turns her nose up at raw chicken... So Since then ive experimented and shes now on lamb and beef, but wont touch chicken ( raw ).......... Im sure after a break she will be back on it but for the time being shes loving the red meat :)


Staff member
Taj used to eat raw chicken and n ow refuses...I think chicken is just one of those things where they either like it or get sick of it or don't like it.

However...Zuri eats quail of any kind...ground raw or whole baby quail...and rabbit as well...