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Simon Brody - Still at It!


Staff member
So looks like Simon Brody is still ripping people off by selling them Ashera Cats...I just got off the phone with someone looking for an F1 (which I don't have of course) and he told me that he almost bought an Ashera Cat from Simon Brody...he was willing to pay the $25,000, based on all the pics Simon sent him, but became suspicious when he got the contract to sign...

Just know - there is NO Ashera Cat - it is a total ripoff!


Savannah Super Cat
I was reading about that a while ago!

So they really are just early generation SV's? Who keeps selling him kitties?


Staff member
So here is his current website: and he goes by the name Simon Carradan. he is being investigated by the FBI and there is currently a massive class action lawsuit against him.

MK Anderson

Not surprised! most scammers /cons never change!!!