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Smart phone or tablet app used occasionally as a toy. Problematic?


Savannah Teenager
My little Azif is still a kitten. We let him play with a kitty toy app on a smartphone when we visited him. He seemed very into it, but was not rought with the device. He just watched intently and occassionally tapped it lightly.
Is this something we should avoid? Do you think it will cause him to be demanding of *our* toys? I would never do something like that unsupervised.


Staff member
I don't think it's really much different than putting a cat video on the TV, you'll just have to supervise him and make sure he doesn't get too 'interactive' with the toy...


Animal Communicator
I tried playing those games with my Zeddie...she gave up when the things she was hitting didn't make a noise or she couldn't eat it :p
I don't think you have much to worry about, just put your ipad away and make sure your kitten has other toys


Savannah Teenager
Glad to hear it! it's just such a fun, non-threatening way to interact with him right now and keep his attention.


Savannah Super Cat
Havi, my SV and my DSH went bonkers over the app called Cat Piano. Nearly knocked the iPad out of my hands trying to get to the strange cat. Wish I'd had the forethought to video it. Will have to wait awhile for them to forget about it before I try again. They are not phased by it at the moment.

Mary in Savannah, TX