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Sneezing problem

Hello everyone I am new to this forum but in desperate need of help. I Have had two F4 savannah cats for about 6 months now. I have a male and a female, the male is 10 months old and the female is a year and a half old. I am currently feeding the cats blue buffalo wilderness cat food. The problem I have had is that they are always sneezing. The snot is not clear it is a yellow/brown color and think like a humans. Both the cats are fixed and are up to date on all shots. I hve taken them to two seperate vets and had fecal and blood test done both times. Every test has come back negative but both times the prescribed viralys and over the counter alergy pills. This has not helped with the sneezing. I was curious if anyone has had this problem and If so what can I do to prevent it.
The vet never took a swab but they did tell me about most of the things mentioned in that article. From the time I have gotten them I got them off grain food switched litter and I use unscented laundry detergent due to my own skin issues so I don't think its any of those. I am hoping that since winter is almost here that most of the outdoor allergens are gone and then I just have to focus on what's in the house. I can try to find a vet where I live now but it's been hard finding ones that know about savannah cats


Staff member
What was the point of running a fecal for sneezing, and what were the vets looking for in the blood work?

Please ask your vet to run an upper respiratory PCR panel. This will test for most of the most common upper respiratory infections found in cats. Have they been put on any antibiotics? Colored secretions are more indicative of a bacterial infection but often if a cat has a viral infection then it will also get a secondary bacterial infection, so it's important to test for everything possible.

If the PCR comes back negative you might want to consider going to a vet allergist, although as Deborah mentioned, it is often hard to pinpoint what is causing the problem because cats usually react to multiple allergens when tested. However an allergist may be able recommend more effective medications if the one(s) you have used in the past have been ineffective.

You don't need a vet experienced with Savannah cats - Savannahs are just like any other domestic cat. What you need is a vet who understands this and is willing to work with you to get to the bottom of your babies' issues.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
I have had this challenge with a cat years ago. The cat suffered for years with the sneezing and nasal discharge. Many vet visits and medications. No progress. One day I changed the type of litter I was using.
Two weeks later, I had a healthy cat. Purina Tidy cat is what I am now using.
Sorry for the delay but I took them in and had the pcr panel completed but it came back that it isn't bacteria just regular allergies so now thy have me slowly changing out the litter my detergent and a few other things to see if it works. Thanks everyone for you're help I'll post again when I figure this out.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Along with changes of litter and detergent, other allergy triggers can be scented plug-ins or candles, room sprays, perfumes and colognes, fabric softeners or sheets, and dust from your heating/cooling system. Having your furnace ductwork cleaned might not be a bad idea....having that done here really helped my own allergies! Along with that, consider a frequently changed allergen filter for the furnace, too...


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Thanks for checking in. Happy to hear that you're not dealing with a bacterial or viral infection. Good luck finding the source(s) of the allergen. Household/garden mold can be a culprit in addition to all the other things mentioned.


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Glad to hear the PCR panel was completely negative. I hope you figure out what the triggers are and are able to eliminate them!