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Snow Savannah???


Staff member
Snowed about 8" last night and still snowing. I didn't know how Taj would like the snow, so thought I would take him out. So is he a snow savannah? :cool: Taj is a BTT (brown ticked tabby) not a snow savannah and not a BST (brown spotted tabby) as he has tiny spots and his coat is considered non-standard.

taj-snow-web.jpg taj-snow.jpg


Staff member
He looks perfectly unfazed and comfortable. Maybe we should call him a yeti-cat to avoid confusion for the newbies here who are probably scratching their heads and wondering about the dark color of that snow savannah.;)

MK Anderson

It's like he is loving the snowing and if he is howling I know he loved it :)! nice pictures. Pergie howls by the door too, it can drive me nuts! :eek: