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Snowmen Family Terrorized


Staff member
A brutal crime has shocked this small Oregon community and has snow people on the alert. In the early morning hours, a family of 3 was torn from their display and unceremoniously dumped on the floor. A suspect was identified but fled on foot and has not been apprehended. He is believed to be hiding under the bed. Luckily the family suffered no lasting damage and has been returned to their rightful place. A close friend of the family has vowed that justice will be served.


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Savannah Super Cat
haha Which is exactly why we didn't put out much this year. And what WAS put out is in Elijah's room, blocked by a baby gate, which surprisingly, Kovu hasn't tried to climb over. Just doin' what I can to save our snowmen, snowomen, and snowchildren.


Staff member
Dear Santy Paws,
Pleze ignore these pikchures. I was set up. It wuz the uther 2 cats who hurt the snowpeoples. I was just walkin by. Oh and that little akcident with the coughee cup...not me either. Ummm, and, thatpieceofsalmonthatdisappearedfromthekitchin is not what my breath smells like. It's been a buzy day here defendin myself from these falsehoodses. Mom said she sent her good friend Craig List my pikchure with a "free to good home" note. I dun't noe this guy and am suspishus. Pleze bring me my Christmas toyz I am a goooood boy.


And her brother Crazy !
I was worring that maybe Santa would take the kitties if they were in the stockings on Christmas Eve.. hahhahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!11


Staff member are so crazy, Deborah ;) The last couple of weeks have been very trying for me and you have made me laugh and Ashley made me smile with Kovu and Elijah, so I feel much better now ;)