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Snows in the snow.


Savannah Super Cat
I took Yuki and Yeti out into the first good snow of the year. Yuki complained loudly in that very unusual voice of hers and everyone outside shoveling walks or playing football in the street, stopped to look. Shortly after Yuki began her complaints Yeti started up in his kitten voice.

So, as for cold and snow, they hated it. I opened the door and into the warm house they went. They are staying clear of the front door for now.

ysnow1.JPG ysnow2.JPG


Site Supporter
Our 2 Savannah's are fair weathers cats, in the summer both cats stand by the door to their run and make it clear they want out ,we have to bribe them with food to get them back in the house, in the snow maybe 10 to 15 min. they are ready to come in the house to their heated cat beds.


Savannah Super Cat
Zubi agrees with them. At first he thought it was cool...until he realized that it was COLD on his tootsies :)



Site Supporter
Our 2 Savannah cats are so spoiled that they have the run of most of the house 2600sq ft and the outside run I put in for them and heated beds, I have enjoyed these 2 beautiful cats more than my corvettes, we have 2 F3 fur friends but I would love to slide a F2 male into our home in time but my wife would notice faster than if I upgraded my late vette,. a North Indaina breeder on this site has my attention with their f2 cats