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so happy to wake up now....

cheech and anna

Savannah Adult
i've had Cheech and Anna 1 month now,,,,and i have never enjoyed waking up so much, when i start to stir, i can hear them meow very quitely to each other, at least 3 or 4 times, then the thump as they hit the floor and leap on to my bed from the sofa,, they sit together waiting, i turn on the light, to be greated by 2 almost smilling purring kitties, they seem to be genuinely happy to see me, we have a play and a bit of a rough and tumble, what an excellent way to start the day............... DSC01313.JPG

cheech and anna

Savannah Adult
Adorable, aren't kittens the best?!
hey Patti.
yes, kittens are the best, except at 4am, i don't think my 2 have read their contract, 11pm to 5am is my time, i bought them a floor to ceiling cat tree, 12 scratch posts, 1 den, 1 tube, 7 rest area's, it stands nearly 9 feet tall, so why do they insist on, 1 of them sits on my chest whilst the other licks my head............... suddenly open plan living has lost its attraction,,,, laugh's out loud through yawn's.......


And her brother Crazy !
Sadly, my Crazy has yet to grow out of that! and he turned One this month. Between 330 and 430 is the nose licking and howling!! Weekends he seems to do better when we stay up later, but when we go to bed early....because we were woken up so early...well... days go by in a haze at times!! i am hoping he will grow out of it one day........pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :cool cat: