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so I got my cat spade...

James Singleton

Savannah Child
My cat got spade today....The problem is that they gave me this inflatable thing to go around her neck to stop her from licking the wound and she is always able to get out of the thing. Is it a big deal if she doesn't wear it? I even went to the store and got the smallest size and she is always able to get out.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
When they spayed your girl were there external sutures on her belly? This is key..if there ARE sutures exposed on her belly she needs to wear a cone to prevent her being able to lick them. If not the inflatable thing they've given you the more normal e-collar which is a round of hard clear plastic that makes a cone around her head. Some people can fashion a sock into a snug shirt to cover the suture line also, just to keep her from bugging the stitches and causing harm there.

If she doesn't have external sutures then it is not so much a big deal. More keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn't lick too much at the wound to be able to cause an infection or open it up...