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Soft Claws Nail Caps

John Campbell

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I saw these on a YouTube video and sorta dismissed it, but started thinking about it this morning...

Check out:

Prevent damage from scratching! New and improved Soft Claws CLS are an ideal solution when cat scratching is a problem in your home. They're also a preferred alternative to declawing. And now, they are improved. Each feline nail cap (except kitten) is embedded with a series of self-locking cleats (CLS), which offer an improved grip. They also feature Soft Cuff, which helps them fit snugly around your cat's nail. Combined with the cleats, the cuff helps to improve over-all adhesion. Plus, a Kitten size is now available, which includes two sizes of nail caps to provide natural progression as your cat grows.

Soft Claws nail caps apply easily in only minutes. Apply Soft Claws directly to nails; will not interfere with normal claw extension and retraction. Nail caps last about 4 to 6 weeks.


Opinions on this... Is this a viable item, or is this just crazy... The guy in the YouTube video seemed to be having good luck with them.

John Popp

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I never had any luck with soft paws on our SVs but they worked fine with our domestic cats. Both Svs would just work them and chew them until they were off. I think the record was 3 days for one. Again, the domestic cats they worked fine and I'd guess on an older SV you might have some success if they are cooperative about letting you apply them.

Ended up that the Saturday morning ritual was a nail trimming, and both the SVs eventually tolerated it fairly well.

Trish Allearz

They are viable, but high maintenance.

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Savannah Super Cat
I used them for a while on my DSHs. However, I discovered that since you have to trim the cat's nails anyway, that just trimming the nail was plenty effective. One of my cats chewed them relentlessly. You have to be careful about not using too much glue or you can cause problems.
I wholeheartedly agree with Trish's summary :)


Savannah Super Cat
I keep hearing that they pop off rather quickly. They rate for 4 months but even with a domestic cat I think the longest they have seemed to last is 2-3 months. I guess it just depends on the cat. And i hear 90% of the problem is getting them on good and comfortably while fighting with your kitty. are they destroying furniture?

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We just trim our cats claws, our male Cody makes a big fuss so we let our Vet trim him , yesterday he was due for a trim and I needed meds for our American short hair , so I took Cody to the Vet and mentioned I had some shopping to do and our Vet said she would watch Cody and I could pick him up on the way home , he had a good time and our Vet posted this visit on Face book.
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Savannah Super Cat
I will try them on my SV, because where i'm prohibited to have a cat with claw and we move to another apartment in two months. I hope they will be a good product, i hope!!