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Sokoke cat?


and his servant, Paul
While I was walking Nitro today, someone told me about their Sokoke cat, which is supposedly more expensive than the Savannah. Information is pretty spare online, so I cannot verify their cost. The little I can figure out is they look just like my marbled Bengal, and their genetic makeup would best be summarized as "an African mutt of an Asian cat".

Has anyone else ever heard of this breed? If so, can you correct my information or supply a range of prices they fall in?


Savannah Super Cat
I haven't read much about them, most of it I read on the TICA website. There were a few breeders I read about and I emailed a few just 'cause I was curious about them, but most of the websites I looked at were no longer functioning, and I never received any emails back about the breed.


Savannah Super Cat
They are supposedly a naturally occurring feral cat in a particular national park in Africa. They have a very distinct face and ear shape. The word sokoke I think means bark because of their patterns. No idea how much they cost.


Staff member
The Sokoke is a Preliminary New Breed with TICA and is a naturally occurring cat breed in East Africa (not a 'mutt' of anything that I am aware of). I don't think there are too many breeders, Lynn Schafer-Russell is the breed chair. I have no idea how much they cost but I do know that all of the original stock was shipped from East Africa, so their offspring are probably not cheap.


Savannah Super Cat
I know they were found naturally isolated on an Island. I don't think they are a wild hybrid but rather a colony of cats that inbred and tend to have a specific look. These were imported but some marble patterned cats were thrown into the gene pool.