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Some general questions about training


Savannah Super Cat
We have had Jengo now for 1 whole month. So far, he's been just great. As he gets more comfortable I notice he has a million times more energy than he used to and totally needs to play for several hours a day. Atleast now he can play by himself or with me and is good about that.

Sadly, he won't sleep in the bed with us. For 2 days after his neuter he would wake me up and come to bed but that's it. He always sleeps on the floor on my side of the bed (sometimes he goes into his pet bed which is also on my side of the bed. I'd like him to sleep with us. I've tried spraying pheromones (Comfort Zone) and catnip on the bed to avail. He just plops down on the floor??? Tips?

We are also trying to get him to be more of a lap cat and I've noticed that he would rather sit between our legs if we have a blanket - kind of in a kitty hammock or he'll sit on the back of the couch, he's totally good about being pet but I'd love for him to get cozier. I have been doing little tricks like giving him treats to get on my lap or letting him play with some strings on my lap, even wearing hoodies so he can play with the hood ties and those things work for a minute but when he gets bored he moves on. Funny thing is he LOVES to pet and will flop down randomly and roll over on his back - kinda wish he'd do this on the couch. Tips?

Thanks for the feedback :)


Staff member
I have no advice to offer only my experience with my 3 brats. After I did all my research prior to getting my first SV, I was prepared for a cat that might never be cuddly and knew that I would have to respect whatever came along. When Juba was a kitten he rarely sat in my lap for longer than 3 seconds. When he turned 2 he became a lap cat. Taji was velcroed to my lap for 1 yr and then he changed. Occasionally he'll sit in my lap. Both he and Juba sleep under the covers next to me every night. Both give me head butts & leg rugs, and go belly up for attention & chin scratches.

I would probably die of a heart attack if Maliik ever volunteers to show me any physical affection. He will sit near me, but never touching me, and sleeps at the end of the bed. I can pet him when he's at rest and he enjoys it, but he has never approached me for anything -- not a leg rub or a head butt, nada. He's almost 2yrs old and he purred for me only once waaay back when he was 4 mos old.:cry: I've learned to settle for what I can get.

I hope Jengo becomes more cuddly as he matures. Keep doing what you're doing and don't force the issue. To entice him on the bed, try buying a blanket or throw that is soft and cuddly and put that on the bed. Maliik will sleep on the bed only if his blankie is there.


Staff member
Mine all sleep with me now but it wasn't always that way...I do have a really comfy leopard spotted throw on the bed that they all love, so deborah's suggesiotn is right on.

None of my SV's are lap cats...they will lie near me or curled up at my feet but that's about it. Zuri is 18 months old and changing...she now lets me hold her and she purrs away...but she is still not a lap cat.

I might add that the two SV's fight for who is going to sleep in between my lower legs...drives me crazy but I love it :roflmao:


Savannah Super Cat
Before we got Keegan we read that they may prefer to sit beside you rather than on you so we were ready for that .... now there is times I really wish I could sit on the couch with out him on my lap :) He is always right there pushing you to make some room for him .... I had bought a cat bed for him before I brought him home, but I have the same problem as Paige ... on the bed between your legs and don't think your moving him if you want to move around cause that is just not happening :)


Savannah Super Cat
I think what makes me laugh is the expressions that he shows on his face when he wants to stretch out on the couch and your not moving to give him room!


When we brought Nailah home, we had a small guest room set up just for her. We also took out the bed frame/furniture in that room so she couldn't hide under any of it. As she got accustomed to the room, everytime I would come in, she was always sleeping somewhere on the bed. I started sleeping in the room with her after she had established that the bed was "hers." Since then, we've readded the frame and furniture and she still sleeps in the bed right next to me. Might be worth a shot if you're determined.

*that is, setting Jengo up in a small room with the mattress directly on the floor.


Kronos isn't a lap cat either. He likes touching me however and will lean against me and next to me. As a kitten he did sleep on my chest a few times when he was small enough to fit there, and only ever would do that if I was on the couch. He doesn't sleep with us in bed either, although when we get ready for bed he does come up for a few minutes and eventually leaves. He likes to sleep on the couch down in the living room instead :cry:

I can only hope that maybe when he is older he will decide that laps make nice resting spots. For now I will appreciate that he at least loves snuggling beside me :)