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Some photos of Bella's father Max the Serval


Site Supporter
He is a very hansom cat and very friendly too.


He was out basking in the sun and did not even once today think of spraying in my direction. The first photo almost makes Max look like a young cat.
I found out today that Max is over 16+ and Bella was born Fed 13,2010 and that she has some Bengal in her mix. There was one of the ladies that I got
some photos of that was a beauty snf I might post them later.


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I will find some of Bella's good photis and post them also.
I got a little bit of video of Max lounging around in the grass.


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He’s gorgeous! Has he sprayed in your direction before? Did you get pets from him? 16?! Wow.
My F1 Bella is one of Max's offspring. Also Max is retired as of last year.
Every time I have been out he has been good and not sprayed. He likes his cheeks scratched through the fence. I have been lucky and never
been fully sprayed at bu all the mails I have had over the years. I have been peed on. Mokkun when he and his brother were about 6 mo old
backed up and peed on my shoe out in the garage when his brother and him were playing. He was neutered shortly after that.

Here is one of Bella all snuggled up

Bella Queen of the land (House in reality). Xander is looking up to her and wondering how to best her.