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Sonnenblume Buttercup - All Breed Best Kitten at this weekends show


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Thank-you Paige. Yes I was talking to Jay and she was saying that she knew many of the Savannah breeders that side of the pond. She is a really nice & knowledgeable lady.

There are a few Savannahs starting to come out now over here and many of Buttercup's finals have been by judges that have never finalled a Savannah before,,,,, so we are making real in-roads in the UK now I think. It has been a real slog through the ANB's etc, but so worth it when judges are starting to change their view/perception of our wonderful breed :)

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Buttercup is gorgeous and if I were a judge, I'd choose her too!

Congratulations, and thanks so much for sharing with us :)


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Thanks for the kind words, Buttercup is a real star and a real show girl, whose character and playfulness is infectious. She has even made some judges that never smile, smile :)

I have not seen the show report yet for the BCCGB, but 8th is amazing. We only attended the Sunday at our Regional Show at Peterborough and she finalled in 6 out of 7 rings against 48 kittens. Just kicking myself I couldn't make the Saturday.

The good thing is, some of the judges have never finalled a Savannah before, so it is really breaking down barriers and promoting the breed here in the UK. Jacky Bliss also finalled a SV kitten in the last show, so that is the first UK show, where 2 SV's have finalled, which is great for us over here.

It is great that the Savannah breed is going from strength to strength and it is thanks to some very hard work, by a lot of people (especially on your side of the pond).