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Sorte's first YouTube video :)


Staff member
Gorgeous boy! Looks like he's already settling in and comfortable in your home. I think the snows are so exotic looking. They are a 'nonpermissible color' meaning we can't show them in the rings, but I think they look very much like the white Serval:


  • White Serval side view.jpg
    White Serval side view.jpg
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Staff member
GREAT video, Paul!!! Sorte looks so stunning! He really seems so happy and it is wonderful to see him playing and jumping and just being a Savannah cat ;)

Paul B

Patti, that white Serval is gorgeous! I agree with you, I love the exotic look of the snows :) I can't get over how big Sorte's ears are and how LONG his legs are, especially is front!

Paige, Thanks you. If we are out of the room for more than a half hour or so he always greets up with lots of talking and rubbing on us. Although he is already getting curious about the rest of the house! LOL! He is always right at the door now, ready to become an escape artist. He made it passed the thresh hold once, so I'm sure that boosted his confidence. Haha