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SoS- Save our Savannahs ;)

Trish Allearz

Hi Everyone,

Okay, so I was thinking today that we need a centralized 'space' to send people who have the misguided notion that Savannahs are ferocious, wild critters... Obviously- someone believes that or we wouldn't keep seeing hybrid cats being put into the exotic bans coming down in a lot of the various states...

Yet- really- if you look around online, you are inundated with FALSE nonsense about this breed of cat. I remember placing one of my F2 babies last year and the adult daughter had asked the Mom (who was to be the new kitty owner), "Why do you want a WILD ANIMAL, Mom???" (Now- the daughter has dibs on the kitty if anything- goodness forbid- ever happens- LOL).

Thank goodness, those who meet a Savannah are quickly enamored and charmed by the breed, but we are not getting this info out to enough people! This site is AWESOME for potential owners and people just looking for info- I really think this forum is a huge step in the right direction!

But I figured a photo essay site would be a good option too... So this is my creation as of today...

If you have any photos of your SVs with kids or other critters or videos- and would like to share them on this site, just send me a PM! Thanks!

MK Anderson

go to your inbox top right and start a conversation with Trish. you can upload what you need in the inbox.

MK Anderson

oh, I'm talking about the inbox on here, savannah cat cat!