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Spayed 3 year old F3 Female searching for her forever in Connecticut


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Mapenzi is an approximately three year old F3 Female who will be ready to leave around the end of October. She is a sweet and affectionate girl once she knows and trusts you, it will not be an instant connection. She can get overstimulated VERY easy, so no home with children under 12 will be considered. She does NOT like other cats, so homes with other cats will not be considered. It does not matter whether your cat will get along with her or not, Mapenzi will not accept your cat.

Mapenzi needs a low stress home, so a quiet home with one or two patient adult humans that are not frequently gone for long periods would be the best fit. (Leaving home for normal work hours is fine) She may get along with a low key dog that also respects her space, but there would need to be a slow transition period to make that a successful relationship.

Only homes located in the US and within a reasonable driving distance (6 hours or so) to Lebanon, CT will be considered at this time. No flights for her, whether cargo OR in cabin. She will leave here spayed, microchipped and up to date on her shots. She has always had perfect litter box habits. She does not have dietary restrictions for health reasons, but the only diet she has ever accepted has been a fully raw diet so this would be expected to continue in her new home.

If you meet all of her requirements, and are interested in becoming Mapenzi’s new family please reach out to us at to describe the home/family you can provide her and why you feel it is a perfect fit. Please make sure you are aware of the Hybrid Laws in your area to know that F3 Savannah are legal.
***NOTE: F3’s are not legal to own anywhere in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and New York.***


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