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Spoiled girl - moving her off the counter makes her gargle scream


Loyal Servant
This little girl is definitely vocal about not getting her way. It sounds like I would have stepped on her for this gargling like scream she makes from her stomach when I a) move her off the counter to set her down, b) deny her something she wants. Obviously moving her off the counter makes the noise go several octaves louder! This is the normal, hi human, I love you meow gargle but ramped up in intensity.

She doesn't seem slighted for not getting her way and is learning to remain off the counter during food prep steadily to where I only need to move her off twice before she gets the hint. The first few days were like fighting a rubber band stretching back to position where I had to stand up and prepare the food in the air from how insistent and QUICK she was.

This girl is lightning fast, I will give her that. Once she gains weight I will have less concern someone stealing her food and supervising meals.


Staff member
You might want to consider getting a step stool or small cat tree (3-4 feet) for her to sit on so that she can watch what you're doing while you're in the kitchen without getting on the counters and messing up your creations.


Loyal Servant
She gets up on top of the metal trash can that has a flat lid to watch. I love the idea of a tree, stool, or perch however the kitchen is just too small (1 person surrounded by full appliances) so there's no room for anything extra. Yesterday went smoothly, just setting her down the once. She's also learned to jump up into the cabinet shelves where my Sam Adams Octoberfest and their food is stored at the end of the kitchen and off the counters to watch, so that's a plus I guess. Thankfully she hasn't learned how to open a can, then we're in the stuff.


Savannah Super Cat
I like the idea of a stool or tree by the island. That would have possibly saved my leg after Leyla had a fit about not being allowed on the island so she scaled my pant leg determined to see what exactly I was doing lol


Loyal Servant
Jeans are the new standard leg wear and even then... scaling my shins like a mountain climber to get into my lap instead of jumping into is really not necessary. Isis has also attempted to latch on to see what was happening once but thought better of it - maybe it was my disapproving glare? :D