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Spoiled Rotten

John Popp

Site Supporter
Usually being the first one to go over the top to buy our little boy something, my wife really just trumped me this evening. Having been exasperated over the weekend with Chongo insisting that an iPad is only for his benefit and amusement Trish had simply given up. So this evening, Chongo is the owner of his very own (hand me down) iPad.

It started out as funny with him helping Trish play Angry Birds, and escalated into a few cat toy apps and then what pushed him over the edge, "Paint for Cats". It was to the point where neither of us could touch an iPad without him being in our lap and distressed that he couldn't play. Sighs, grumbles and followed by euphoria if he thought you were going to set it on the floor.

He can definitely go at it for a long time, and when you think he has given up he can't make it ten feet away without turning back and getting yet another good hit on the psychedelic mouse. It's definitely like having a built in babysitter and I'm sure the other cats appreciate it as well.

Oh and actually Trish needed an extra iPad for work, but it doesn't change who lays claim to it.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
What do you expect from a man who talks to his grinder and gives names to inanimate objects. And you guys think I'm one brick shy of a full load....
I've never thought you were a brick shy of a full load. A loaded drink too many.... is a different story.;)

JP might, however, be short a brick or two. A SV with it's own iPad. I don't even have an iPad. But just wait until the credit card bill hits after Chongo figures out


LOL I was going to ask if anyone else downloaded iPad apps for their cats! Mine loves the friskies fishing and laser app :) and her favorite colors seem to be teal and light blue...