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Stealing treats

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Tiger is the treat stealer. He is the one who finds them and then opens the container for the rest of the cats to join in the fun. I have tried several different locking containers but he still get them open. I caught him in the act twice. Most of the time I find the empty container and dirty looks when asking where are the treats Tiger. He is the master at opening the container it is fun to watch their mind going crazy on how to get something they want. They are truly very smart we just have to be smarter.

DSC_0202.JPG DSC_0203.JPG DSC_0204.JPG DSC_0205.JPG DSC_0206.JPG DSC_0207.JPG DSC_0208.JPG DSC_0209.JPG DSC_0210.JPG DSC_0211.JPG DSC_0212.JPG DSC_0213.JPG DSC_0214.JPG DSC_0215.JPG DSC_0216.JPG


Animal Communicator
What a smarty pants! Zeddie does that too...I have to keep books on the her brother's kibble or she opens the container and eats it all:rolleyes:

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
What a stinker! Love the series of pics on how one determined kitty can open anything he damn well pleases ;)


Staff member
Emma is the ugliest, scrawniest Savannah I have here - one would think she has been starved by looking at her. BUT ... she is the most food aggressive cat that I have! I don't know where she packs it away, but she will steal anyone's treat, or dinner, or item they've stolen from me. Some Savannahs are definitely more treat driven than others!

Emma 2013 1123.JPG Emma 2010 0502 05.JPG