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Stewie thinks he smart


Staff member
hahaha! Stewie is hilarious and a very smart boy!

How are you inserting the URL? If you copy the Share URL and then just copy an dpaste into a post, the video will show up instead of just a link ;) I edited it for you!


Staff member
:roflmao: Smart Stewie!! Someone on here was asking this week or last how to get their SV interested in water. I hope whoever it was sees this because it's a be careful what you wish for situation.


Staff member
Stewie is one smart kitty! Looks like he's wanting a larger 'wading pool' though... ;)

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
This morning as I got a glass of water it occurred to me... we have no lock on the door water push... lever thing. I see we may need a kitchen rug under that.. rather step on a wet rug than slip on a wet floor! :uh oh: