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Stilgar coming home tonight!!


The Kasbah

:in love::in love::in love::in love:

Hold onto yer hats folks. This one looks like he has a bit of the devil in him.

LOL! Yes, he DOES Deborah! He is a lover and likes to be held and burrow in your neck, but he is also a hot mess of activity and a bit of a stinker! Pam and Will should have FUN with their Leto's little half brother, Stilgar, FOR SURE! :)

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
Good morning!

Oh yes! He had a few hisses for the house when he got home! Leto on the other side of the door had a few too... I think it's cause that room was one Leto likes to play in too!

But Stilgar came out of the carrier, wasn't to keen on the idea of people yet, but toys on the other hand! He drank plenty of water and ripped and tore around exploring his new room and toys and objects all around. What a absolute ball of energy he was, had to burn off all the rest from the trip home I think. I slept in his room with him last night, when he did rest he crawled beside me. So cute.. woke up with him just looking at me in the face meowing.. :in love: Got some good petting time in as well this morning.

Leto is still wondering what in the world we've done! LOL Every room was his so he isn't happy that he's now closed off from one and there is obviously another kitty in there! But I'm sure as the scent becomes familiar he'll settle in.

Cynthia, Leto saw me taking the carrier back out of the room after Stilgar was exploring and Leto darted away like a rocket! LOL He didn't want a DAMN thing to do with that!

Stilgar is drinking plenty of water, he's nibbled on his food a little. But to much new to check out for that right now!

Here's his sleepy eye'd little self this morning... what a cutie.

His trip went well, arrived early even! He was still a bit freaked out with all the activity at the airport, but once in the car he settled down and was napping by the time we got home.

Ok.. off to spend some time with Leto and maybe a nap... :)

The Kasbah

Thanks for the update, Will...and delighted to know that you are enjoying him!

Sounds like he is going to settle in quickly...and be ready to be influenced by his big half brother, Leto in no time! :)

So thrilled to know that Delta was able to get him onto the earlier connection flight. I'm sure it was a long day for him (and you and Pam)!

All best,


Savannah Child
Stilgar is on a late flight and will be here tonight!! We are SO SO FREAKIN EXCITED!! Leto is wonder what the changes are while setting up the quarantine room, he'll soon see!!

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Look at that face! tri big grin:

This is like bringing home a new baby.We drove seven hours to pick up Adrina.Her Quarantine room lasted four days.She just took over and Tuff took very well to her


Staff member
Will, love Stilgar and looks like he is going to be a hellion :devil: I'm sure he and Leto will settle in together and all will be good ;)