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Stoopid Human?

Masooma Ali

Savannah Kitten
Hi Everyone,

Returning back here after a few months. Our kitten is now 8 months old and we think we have it down pretty good except a few things we wonder about:

1) Our kitten doesn't know how to play 'fetch,' would any of you know a good website in which we can train her to do this? It almost seems like savannah's naturally do this; however, our savannah just stares. She will run when we grab an ice cube and will then just sit and stare once we drop the ice cube.

2) We could use some help in figuring out whether our kitten will grow more and for how long. My husband keeps insisting that our savannah isn't as long (length wise) as savannah's ought to be.

Would really appreciate any feedback.


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
(1) What cat does exactly what the human wants. They train us not we them ;-)

Not all Savannahs fetch, just like not all Savannahs love water nor do all Savannahs grow to the size of Trouble the World's Tallest Cat. A breed's traits are generalizations, things that they are more likely to have or do than most other cats. There's no guarantees that any given Savannah will have any of the cool traits we want...

(2) most 8 month old kittens will grow a bit more, even in a plain domestic shorthair you'd expect some growth. Hard to know with any kitten (especially without being told what generation she is), but additionally most female Savannahs do not grow to the size of their male counterparts. There are exceptions but for example, my 8 month old F5 SBT is probably only 7lbs while her littermate brother recently weighed in at 16lbs. Their mother is only ~9lbs at 3 years of age.

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
All I can say is every Savannah is unique in there own way. Just like humans. I have two Savannahs and one plays fetch and the other expects me to get what I threw.

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John Popp

Site Supporter
Chongo will fetch twice. The third time he'll chase his fuzzy ball and stare at me. When I get near him he bolts along with his ball. Finally figured out that he would rather have me chase him around than fetch (I'm not going to be your monkey) and in essence trained me.


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Not sure, if you haven't done so, try throwing a tennis ball down the hallway when your SV is in a really playful mood. That's how Shango started his new fetching routine (@18 weeks old, he never did this before). He likes fetching it in his mouth, probably since it's round and soft enough to sink his teeth in. Maybe worth a try...


Loyal Servant
Victoria sent me a video of Isis going after the spongy ball at least a dozen times, maybe two dozen, and she wants to fetch every day meddling when guests are over or when you are obviously not busy enough to stop and play fetch. I just hope this routine continues and I plan to try this during bonding the instant I see she has an interest in toys. Starting with the familiar is the key to opening up the doors for other kinds of play, provided she doesn't have so much apprehension she backs up when I reach for the ball assuming she brings it closer.