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Stopped eating


Animal Communicator
So Zeddie has gone completely off food :S
It started Sunday night...I feed her raw and gave her some beef and she ate normal all day Sunday but picked at her food before bed and then had the runs that night. Yesterday she didn't want anything to do with food, so I left her alone until dinner time and tried again and she still wouldn't eat. I gave her a little bit of sliced chicken, but she threw it up. I waited a bit then gave her some boiled chicken but she only ate a few bites and didn't throw it up. She had been drinking normally and her energy levels have been completely normal. I took some kibble and put it in my room overnight but she didn't eat any. She seemed hungrier this morning, and ate more chicken and kept it down, and used the litter box, but refused to eat for the rest of the day. I offered her raw chicken watered down with warm water and digestive enzymes but she wouldn't take it. So I offered her canned food, but she wouldn't touch that either. She wouldn't eat any chicken at all either.
So it looks like a trip to the vet tomorrow, does anyone have any idea what it could be? She is almost 6 months old so I thought it could be from teething but she wouldn't eat the canned food. Normally she is the biggest pig and will eat anything.
Any suggestions are welcome :)


Savannah Super Cat
We had that issue a few weeks ago. Took Kovu to the vet & they put him on Hill's prescription food for G.I. issues. He gobbled that nasty smelling stuff down. After 2 weeks we were able to go back to regular food & he did fine.


Savannah Super Cat
Was he showing interest in food when you brought him to the vet?
Very little. He refused raw, refused kibble (& this boy loves some kibble!). I had a couple cans of Blue Buffalo Wilderness & he would take 2-3 bites & then be done with it.

They wanted to try the prescription food first, and then if he still hadn't eaten in 24 hours they wanted to see him back & do x-rays to make sure he didn't eat something that he wasn't supposed to. They were worried about possible bowel obstruction, but it turned out just to be a tummy bug.


Savannah Super Cat
Have you noticed anything missing that she could have eaten? String off a toy? or any other part of a toy? Wires? Odd things that cats seem to love to eat? lol


Animal Communicator
There isn't anything that I've noticed, although my niece and nephew were around on Sunday playing with toys, so I can't rule it out. But if she was blocked up, she would be throwing up any food that went in and water and I don't think she would be going to the bathroom so I am really really hoping we are safe. I keep checking to make sure she is hydrated, but she is starting to look like she feels sick. It sucks not being able to figure everything out right away lol


Staff member
My biggest concern would be a bowel obstruction, but as Ashley has pointed out it could just be a tummy bug. I think a vet visit is definitely in order. You said she is going to the bathroom normally - does that mean she is having formed stools? If it is a bowel obstruction, or partial bowel obstruction she wouldn't necessarily throw up every time she ate anything, but it is unlikely she would have normal stools after 2-3 days. Hopefully it is something simple and she will be back to her normal self - and appetite - again!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
You mentioned she'd had the runs, she could easily have an upset tummy and that is why she isn't wanting to eat... but you then said she'd been using the litterbox, did she pee AND poop normally? It is definitely good that she is drinking water, as you don't want them dehydrated (that will also kill the appetite).

I would definitely take to the vet to check out, a partial obstruction is a possibility.

Hoping it is a mild stomach bug and she wakes up hungry and playful tomorrow!