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Sucralfate for diarrhea/upset stomach okay for a Savannah?


Savannah Super Cat
We received Nylah from her breeder on the 30th (via a flight) and on the 31st she swallowed a piece of her toy that she chewed off. Today she puked it up and I compared it to the toy and could tell it was the only piece it matched up perfectly. She had a vet appointment today for a basic health check and I informed the vet that she had thrown up twice that morning the first time was the piece and the second was just bile/foam... She has had diarrhea since the day we got her but I just attributed that to the stress of travel/a new home. The vet prescribed some sucralfate for her to help "balance out" her digestive system again and we gave it to her once earlier today and all she's done is lay around and sleep all day and has very little appetite. I'm wondering if the sucralfate is not okay for Savannah kittens and is making her more sick or if she's just tired from having a long day. She's usually so active and running around like a crazy girl so we are just a little worried.


Staff member
Sucralfate is fine for cats, including Savannahs. I am worried that there is something more going on with her. If she hasn't perked up by the morning you might consider taking her back to the vet.


Savannah Super Cat
She's back to her normal crazy self. I guess she was just tired from a stressful day at the vet. There were a lot of barking dogs that really freaked her out. I will keep a close eye on her though.