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Suggestions on LONG trip for my first Savannah

I'm getting a F2 boy from SavannahSeattle and they will be flying to Chicago (over 4 hours total) and then a 3 hour drive back to my house in Illinois.
Will he be ok being only 11 weeks old?? Should I let him out in my car at all? Should I bring anything?? Any suggestions would be great!



Staff member
He should be fine. If he has been trained to wear a walking jacket you can take him out before you begin the drive home, otherwise I would just leave him crated - less stressful on him. You can bring water and maybe a little food but he probably won't eat anything.


Staff member
think I should let him out in the car if i'm bringing a friend with??
No. What you should do is get home as soon as you can and leave him in the crate for the entire trip. He'll be stressed enough leaving the only home and people he has known. Having a stranger putting him in too many new situations is not in his best interests. Get him home and in his quarantine room where you and he can begin the bonding process and where he'll have time to adapt to you and his new home on his own terms.