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Suitable House?

My family and I have begun researching the viability of having a Savannah join our family. My biggest concern is that we let our golden retriever and two house cats out onto the deck on a very regular basis. None of the animals have shown even the slightest hint of leaving the deck but I'm concerned about a Savannah.

The deck is on the second story of the house, it has a 4 foot railing, and a roof is about 5 feet from the top of the railing. I have attached pictures for clarification (that is our black cat on one of the chairs).

So I'm looking for opinions from those who have these cats as to whether you think they will try to leave the house via the deck or if you think they'll be like the rest of our pets and just enjoy the outdoors.


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Staff member
I don't think you would be wise to let a savannah cat out on a deck like that could always put an enclosure out there...or take him/her out on a harness and leash supervised...


Site Supporter
I would not risk it. My F5 Boy, D, would be off in a heartbeat, and my F3 Boy would be cowering in terror.

That said, we take our boys outside on a leash and a harness, and we have a long lead in the back yard so they can spend time with us while we are outside- I would recommend both of those things.


Staff member
I agree with Paige, I would be worried that a Savannah could easily escape the deck and go on an adventure.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Mine would be off that deck in a matter of seconds... I think if you could screen it in as suggested by Deborah, it would be the best option :)