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Sunday Photo Festival


Savannah Super Cat
Here are some pictures of the gang exploring and playing. Yuki and Yeti wanted to see what was inside the new table so they climbed into the drawer I opened and let me take their pictures. Then the whole gang decided to have a rousing round or wrestling and bunny batting with Paz being the referee.
IMG_0495[1].JPG IMG_0496[1].JPG IMG_0497[1].JPG IMG_0498[1].JPG IMG_0499[1].JPG IMG_0500[1].JPG IMG_0501[1].JPG IMG_0502[1].JPG IMG_0503[1].JPG IMG_0504[1].JPG IMG_0505[1].JPG IMG_0506[1].JPG


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Savannah Super Cat
Jim, they look like they are having a blast!

They are indeed having a lot of fun.

I hope everyone will post some pics of their cats in here as well. That said here are some additional from that session.

IMG_0510[1].JPG IMG_0511[1].JPG IMG_0512[1].JPG IMG_0513[1].JPG IMG_0514[1].JPG IMG_0515[1].JPG


Savannah Super Cat
Paz cracks me up! Just sitting on the sidelines...
Nothing nearly as exciting as yours as 2/4 of our bipedal children are ill. But I did snap this earlier