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Super Nova is here!



Hello everyone,

I’d like to introduce Nova, or as we call him Super Nova!
He is a 14 week old F3.

Even though we’ve only had him for a month so far, we love him very much.

He’s such a character, everything about him.
He knows his name and answers to it with a long meow, makes cute squeaking sounds, my wife will say “kiss kiss” to him and he will actually kiss her on the mouth lol.
I never realized how talkative the breed is until we got him home.
If we could only understand cat!
He’s leash trained and walks really well outside.
At night he loves to decide its play time when we get into bed.
After an hour or so of him ripping around the bedroom, he will settle down and go to sleep.
But if I make any sort of movement under the blankets, you can count on him to double paw pounce on me.
I often wake up sweating to death with him draped across my neck like a scarf.
Sometimes he will be sitting there and he has this open mouthed look on him that reminds me of a lion.
He loves raw chicken waxed with raw salmon.
I swear he can tell when I dose his water with taurine, because the water bowl will be emptied on the hardwood floors. So we wised up and started mixing it with his food.
He hasn’t noticed yet or at least letting on that he has.

Nova is a great cat and we don’t want to picture our lives without him.
Speaking of pictures, it’s really hard to get a decent one of him with out it turning out as nothing but a blur.

Here he is when we first brought him home.


Nova in one of his cat trees.


I could post pic s of him all night, but this is the last for now,
My wife’s holding him to pose for a picture.



By the way, we are really happy to finally be here.
The wife and I have spent the last month lurking the forums.
But today we were approved!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Congratulations! He's a handsome dude and I can tell how much he is loved already!

You mention not knowing what a "vocal breed" the Savannah was, you probably need to temper your assumptions that everything your one Savannah does is typical of the entire breed. They are individuals. I can tell you that the five Savannahs I have living here are NOT vocal cats. I don't think that the Serval is known for noisiness either so I would attribute any chattiness to either individuality or to the outcross breeds used to create the Savannah. Orientals are the Siamese breed group after all, so known for talking and Bengals I think also known for being vocal.

What is "raw chicken waxed with raw salmon", is that mixed with salmon? Are supplements used, is that whole chicken? I just wanted to be sure that your boy is getting a balanced raw diet and although I see mention of taurine I wanted to check on all the other things he might need. I've never tried adding taurine to water, I guess it must make it taste strange! I've used it to coat chicken pieces along with Mazuri supplements though!

And yeah, good luck with taking pictures. It generally takes two people (one with the camera and one with the cat toy) and about a hundred pics to delete 99!


Opps! yes Mixed, not waxed.

We feed the brand"Big Country Raw"
Specifically this blend:
Link here
Mixed with this:
Link here
The same company also makes the taurine supplement that we add.

We also have Blue Wilderness Kitten kibble and canned, that we mix in once a day.

If there is anything else that we should do, please don't hesitate to make a point of it.
We are new to feeding raw and trying to learn as much as we can!


Site Supporter
We also have Blue Wilderness Kitten kibble and canned, that we mix in once a day.
Just a suggestion, I work in the pet food industry and Blue Wilderness is a terrible kibble. Plagued with recalls, then bought by General Mills and the quality went waaaaaaaay down. We actually pulled all of their products last year, and won’t sell them. We still have people come in saying that it’s made their animals sick.

Nova is a cutie pie!


General Mills bought them?!
I had no idea they sold themselves out like that.

Man, that's unfortunate.
I guess we will need to find him another brand.

I was looking at Merrick before we brought the Blue Wilderness.


Site Supporter
Welcome to the forums
And congratz on your resent addition to your family..

He is stunning!

They love to play @ night..
Just used to jump off the armoire
And pounce on any movement
Climb the drapes jump to the top of doors to ambush the other cats
Don't forget savannahs are like potato chips you can't just have one ;)

Its great!

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It’s funny because he can be sleeping in his cat tree or on our bed, but as soon as we decide to get in bed, he figures its play time. lol

As for getting another Savannah, it’s definitely a possibility in the future.
The wife and I are currently looking at a Serval kitten.


Oh for sure.
We contacted animal services 2 days ago and had them email me in writing that a The Serval is legal here.
The breeder told us to get it in writing in case the law changes or something along those lines.
We surprisingly have fairly lax exotic pet laws here in Ontario Canada.