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SV-proof TP holder?


Site Supporter
We have begun our bathroom remodel today. Now I am starting to look at accessories. How "SV-proof" do you think this TP holder is? Rafiki tends to grab the end of the paper between both front paws and pull down. I am thinking that she can still shred it thru the bars but unraveling it may be more difficult.
1537838883835.png 1537838883835.png


Staff member
I use this. It gets knocked over occasionally but none of them have managed to get the lid off. Holds 3 rolls. Google stainless steel toilet paper canisters -- I think I got mine from Amazon. Home Depot has them too.
Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 7.03.31 PM.png


Site Supporter
The TP cage is for the single roll that is in use, not to store additional rolls. And yes, I am thinking that I may be nuts to consider spending this kind of $ to save a roll of TP!

David Z

Site Supporter
So I've searched for something that looks better to no avail. I do have ideas tho. Bein a sub contractor a sv proof toilet paper holder intrigues me.

You could get your contactor to build a toilet paper holder cabinet that fits in the wall, with a sliding door that matches your bath vanity cabinet doors.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I found searching amazon for "waterproof toilet paper holder" gave a lot of options, some uglier than others. We got ours from IKEA years ago and the top is a metal cover that hinges with a spring down over the top. It prevents them having fun unrolling although dedicated kitties can chew the underside I've found they lose interest with that. Mine are now so trained I replaced with this and it works just fine...


Savannah Super Cat
Ah, Rafiki is wishful thinking! Way too much room to get a paw or two in there, but I'm rooting for you. Let us know how it goes.